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Medeiros, European Territorial Cooperation..., 2018

Editor: Eduardo Medeiros
Title: European Territorial Cooperation. Theoretical and Empirical Approaches to the Process and Impacts of Cross-Border and Transnational Cooperation in Europe
Publisher: Springer
Year: 2018
Access: Link
Part 1 Lessons from 30 years of EU territorial cooperation
The INTERREG experience in bridging European territories. A 30 year summary (Bernard Reitel, Birte Wassenberg & Jean Peyrony)
The added value of European Territorial Cooperation (ETC). Drawing from case-studies (Martin Guillermo-Ramirez)
Twenty Years of Territorial Cooperation in Inner Scandinavia. Drawing from case-studies (Erik Hagen & Bjørn Terje Andersen)
The European Territorial Cooperation (ETC) role in EU Cohesion Policy (Eduardo Medeiros)

Part 2 Cross-Border Cooperation in the EU. A success story?
Border regions and cross-border cooperation in Europe. A theoretical and historical approach (Thomas Lundén)
Discussing the Persisting border obstacles in the EU (Péter Balogh & Sara Svensson)
The role and rise of European cross-border entities (Emily Lange & Iva Pires)

Part 3 Transnational Cooperation. A cornerstone of European Spatial Planning?
The rise of the Macro-Regions in Europe (Franziska Sielker & Daniel Rauhut)
The INTERREG-B impacts on development and cohesion: the case of the INTERREG III-B North-West Europe (Ruut Louwers)

Part 4 Future scenarios for European Territorial Cooperation
The EGTC: a new institutional cooperation paradigm. Lessons Learned (Estelle Evrard & Engl Alice)
Establishing Cross-Border Planning (Frédéric Durand & Antoine Decoville)
Focusing on cross-border territorial impacts (Eduardo Medeiros)

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